carrie (2013)

Steven King’s legendary, “Carrie” returns once again, this being it’s third film creation. 2013’s “Carrie” brings back the classic story in it’s most modern way yet. However, reviews have been quite mixed. This version of the story was meant to separate itself from the other two films and better reflect Steven Kings original novel. So what does separate this movie from the others, and is it worth seeing? If you’re a movie buff and you appreciate the plot of “Carrie”, then you shouldn’t find yourself disappointed. But if you have already seen at least one of the other two movies, and don’t enjoy re-watching a movie, then this may not be for you.


Broad observation will depict a plot that hasn’t changed, but how much do you really want to change a classic? However, closer attention to detail will reveal some differences. Firstly, let’s consider that the original “Carrie” novel and film, were set in the 70’s. This, the newest version, is set in modern day, which we can catch on to by observing the use of smart phones and computers in the film. Carrie’s ultimate enemy, Chris Hargensen, a high school girl who is ruthless and treats Carrie most poorly, is now meaner than ever. Chris shows much less signs of compassion and is able to do things in this film that the previous Chris characters couldn’t.

Carrie’s role is played by the very talented young actress, Chloe Grace Moretz (seen in Kick-Ass, Kick Ass 2, Hick, and more). Though she plays the part well, those who know her as an actress know that she can take on some very active and intense roles, playing strong, independent characters. How though, can such a beautiful girl who is known for such roles, play Carrie, who in King’s novel wasn’t pretty and had less self confidence than Moretz’s version of Carrie seems to have had. This was my biggest concern with the movie before seeing it, and watching it only made real what I had feared. I am a fan of Moretz and compliment her acting skills. She played the part well “over all”, but I don’t think that she was the ideal candidate for the role of Carrie. Margaret White, Carries mother, is played by Julianne Moore, and I did find myself satisfied, and perhaps impressed, with her playing the mother.


At the end of the day I have to say I enjoyed the film because I am a fan of the originals. I like the modern setting, the added gore, and the graphics that clearly bested both of the other films. Worldwide the film brought in over 82 million dollars during it’s time in theaters. It might not have been a box office greatest hit, but I don’t see the film as being pointless as many others may conclude. Some ideas are worth being kept alive, especially those from the great Steven King.