Thats right, he’s back, and meaner than ever. Charles Lee Ray or “Chucky” (voice by Brad Dourif from the original films) is one pissed off criminal, still stuck in the body of a Good Guy Doll. This movie picks up four years after the last film left off. This time the Chucky doll arrives via package to the home of a paraplegic named Nica and her mother Sarah. Needless to say, chaos and terror is brought into their home, courtesy of the of the doll that no one would ever logically suspect until they see it with their own eyes.


If I had a complaint about the movie, I would say that I was disappointed with frozen setting. In short, I expected the story to take place in more than just the house of this family. Few scenes took place outside of the house, and in todays movie entertainment market I just don’t think that this is what paying viewers want. Aside from the setting however, the movie brought back to life a popular movie franchise that many thought was dead. I have been a big Chucky fan for a long time now because the movies express a balance of plot aspects including scary, gory, humorous, thrilling, and suspenseful traits.


My recommendation: If you have never given Chucky a try, then I recommend viewing one of the originals first. If you did not like the original movies then I doubt you will like this one. Not much was changed when it comes to Chucky’s personality and thrill to kill. But if you are a Chucky fan, then give it a shot because I think this movie is for you. I was certainly happy that I watched it and would gladly watch it again with friends who haven’t yet seen it. It is a good movie with an ending that leaves us wondering if Chucky finally gets what he has wanted for oh so long. This unanswered question that we are left with could be a sign that the Chucky movies will live on.

Enjoy this movie’s trailer via the Youtube video below. Thanks for reading.