I am not even able to hold in my excitement for the Iron Man movies! Even though I have seen all three several times, I still get that excited tingle in the pit of my stomach before watching any of them. But has the quality faded as the franchise continues?

Consider for a moment a movie that you really liked in the past that also has a sequel. Was it as good as the first movie? Though we constantly find ourselves begging for sequels to movies we really love, we often times find ourselves very upset with the outcome of them. A sequel should be at bare minimum, as good as its predecessor, and what audiences want is an even better movie. So here we have not the second, but the third movie in the Iron Man franchise.

So…how good was it?


The general idea: The Mandarin is a terrorist who is causing devastating levels of chaos and remaining untouchable by anyone wishing to stop him and his forces. After one of Tony Starks own employees is injured in an attack, Stark is quick to respond to the Mandarin, but could he be biting off more than he can chew?


No other person alive could play Tony Stark better than Robert Downey Jr. Having the right cast is critical when developing a movie, and the cast of Iron Man plays a huge part in what keeps viewers coming back for more. By the third movie, we all know Tony Stark and his forgetful, irresponsible self who likes to party, please people, and even more, please the ladies. So we are glad to find him settling down with Pepper finally which means there is one thing we can cross off that list. With his seemingly endless bank account we once again get a taste of his extravagant lifestyle with the cars (featured Audi R8), the ginormous mansion, his very fashionable clothing, and in this movie we even get to see his vast wine cellar.


Pros: Iron Man 3 does not disappoint and maintains it’s status of being F’n awesome! The plot is fantastic, exciting, and creative. The action is intense as it always has been, and the ending can only be described as outstanding!

Cons: The biggest issue I found with this film was the durability of the Iron Man suits. Recall in the original film, Iron Man being shot by a tank, turret gun, and being slammed around by his enemy in a larger suit. His Iron Man body held together in the toughest of times, yet in this film we see more suits and much less durability. How is it then that they can crumple so easily by the third film, but seemed invincible in the original? Once you view the ending you may catch on as I did, as to why they made it this way, but I was still baffled at this aspect of the movie.

Overall this is a killer film that won’t let you down.