A 2012 comedy, The Guilt Trip takes the typical mother and son relationship to the extreme by pushing emotions to the limit. Starring Seth Rogan and Barbara Streisand, concerns overwhelmed me before watching, simply because the two just don’t seem like a good fit. I enjoy Seth Rogan movies because of his different sense of humor that makes him stand out. Applying his own personality to his humor, he is able to separate himself from other comedic actors and actresses. Could he pull this one off?


The story: Andy Brewster, an inventor of a safe cleaning product that he calls ScioClean, is struggling to make ends meet due to continued disappointing sales attempts to get his product on the market through other companies. He visits his mother after another bad sales day, this time having lost a sale to the grocer giant, K-Mart. During a very interesting and unexpected conversation with his mother at dinner, he learns that he was named after a boy she fell in love with years ago before meeting Andy’s father. After later tracking this guy down Andy decides to invite his mother on a road trip with him as he continues to make sales pitches across the country. They would have several locations to get to within a certain amount of time. Andy adds San Francisco to the list (telling his mother it is for a sales pitch), seeing as it’s where his mom’s old sweetheart lives as a single man. And so the trip begins…


I found the movie satisfying and funny, but I do feel that this is partially due to how much I enjoy movies with Seth Rogan in them. I didn’t know how this one would turn out, but I ended up enjoying it. It may not seem like typical Seth Rogan, but it certainly incorporates his humor and personality. Barbara Streisand copes very well with Rogan in this film, playing her humorously embarrassing mother role very well. Could we expect any less from her though? She really is amazing.

Rogan and Streisand fans, be sure to give it a watch!