Set in the not so far future (2022), The Purge, though fictitious, has viewers curious as to how close our government could ever come to such an eerie solution to some of our countries problems.

Take a moment to observe the world wide population growth and the fact that doubling the population can happen sooner now than it ever could. The average Caucasian American family reproductive levels are low, however immigration would increase and our country too would be affected by a dramatic increase in population. More people means more problems. The Purge’s solution…Anything is legal for one night each year with the exception of government officials ranking 10 or higher not being harmed, and usage of weaponry above “class 4”. As an added bonus, all emergency services are suspended during the purge period. Nothing out of the ordinary so far, right?

ethan looking out door

With crime, unemployment, and poverty rates at an all time low, it seems senseless not to continue this near future, annual tradition, as portrayed in this film.

The General Idea: James Sandin (Ethan Hawke) is a home security salesman who has done very well for himself seeing as home security is now more important than ever. Selling the top of the line systems to wealthy families, he is assuring of the fact that no one will want to mess with a home secured so well. Keeping his own home secured by the very same system we can see just how good it is. But can it really keep out ANYONE?


When we watch a movie we want to feel what the characters feel, and I felt the leery, pit of your stomach feeling as the family questioned their own home’s defense mechanism.

Pros outweigh the Cons

Pros: The Purge keeps you alert and curious as to what will happen next. It has twists in the plot, and it has you fearing for the lives of the main characters as they encounter some not so nice people. The overall creativity and thought that went into this story line truly is amazing.

Cons: The security system that the Sandin’s home is equipped with is the best of the best. So I can’t seem to fathom how the outsiders were able to penetrate it so easily. They had a good idea as to how they did it, but it seemed so effortless and simple.

My rating: 85% for the fantastic element of suspense and even surprise. Give it a watch if you haven’t already seen it and check out the trailer below.