Bad Grandpa is a 2013 film that is gross, insane, inappropriate, wrong in so many ways, and yet achieved over $140,000,000 box office thanks to it’s main goal, making us laugh. Johnny Knoxville is at it again with his ability to let lose and go wild with some of the craziest things a human being could possibly do.


Irving Zisman (Johnny Knoxville), an elderly man, who’s wife has just passed away, finds himself stuck with his eight year old grandson Billy (Jackson Nicoll), after his daughter leaves Billy with him at his wife’s funeral because she is going to jail for violating her parole. She urges Irving to get Billy to his father while she is serving her time. Ironically having been happy about his freedom from his wife, Irving now has something else to hold him back from being free, and it could turn out to be quite the challenge.


How was it? I believe movies are always better with a story to them. The Jackass movies (featuring Johnny Knoxville) never really had a plot or much structure to them at all in fact. They were simply random collections of footage gathered over time of insane and often dangerous activities. Bad Grandpa on the other hand, has a story, which gives the movie more meaning and makes it more appealing to viewers like me. And I know some of the events in this film are down right stupid, but for others you just can’t help but to laugh. I have here (above this paragraph) a screenshot from one of my favorite scnese when Irving hits a parking lot penguin statue with his car as he tries to park. It was absolutely hilarious.

This movie is made to make you laugh, and it does just that. It’s bound to capture your sense of humor in some way or another, and with a guy who has lived his life acting out and risking just about anything for a good chuckle, Knoxville’s experience sure does qualify him for this part. Jackson Nicoll who plays young Billy, proves himself again that even though he is young, he has what it takes to play in the big leagues. I also saw Nicoll in a movie called “Fun Size”, and I found him to be quite the young actor, even though his part didn’t involve much speaking.


Overall Rating: 85% for a laugh well achieved!