My newest blog, Anomalous Insights, is all about things that stand out in our lives, whether everyone else understands it or not. True art exists in all of us, in so many forms, and most of the time we don’t even realize it.

I created a new word the day I started this blog, less than two weeks ago. I needed a name, something that wasn’t taken, but still stood out. I eventually decided on “Abstracticality”, a name that wouldn’t imply that I have a narrowly focused blog, and would help elicit my blog’s topic variation. As of right now, this word isn’t recognized as part of the english language, but in the end, it is us who gives meaning, and essentially life to new words, and this could be one of those words.


So, what does it mean to me?

My associated slogan is “Life doesn’t always make sense, it’s merely an abstracticality”.

I wanted to use a slogan that would hopefully be comprehendible for the average person, but make people think at the same time. Ultimately, abstracticality derives from “abstract”, which in modern day english is the opposite of “concrete”. Something abstract (the definition I associate my word with) is something that doesn’t physically exist, whereas concrete refers to something that does and is compatible with our human senses. Therefore:

Abstracticality – A human revelation of the abstract. This can be associated with our emotions, thought processes, ideas, and gut feelings.

Abstracticality describes the human experience so well. What we feel in our interactions with others, how we perceive the meaning of life, or what motivates us, just to list a few examples.


If you search google images for “abstracticality” you’ll find some of the images used here in my blog. However if you search “abstract” you will find an abundance of creative backgrounds relating to the abstract concept. Images that make you curious about the artist’s inspiration or question what the image is actually portraying. It’s these thoughts that we develop that are tied to an image’s abstracticality (another definition referring to an objects ability to make us think in abstract terms).

The image above is one of many that you will find in a google search for abstract. I have actually used this picture as a computer background before because Pandas are naturally adorable, but why are there bubbles in the picture? What is happening in this image?

Art speaks to us in different ways, and interpretations will vary from one person to the next. This picture (to me) shows us a Panda discovering for the first time, a bubble. Notice the animal’s reaction. It isn’t afraid of the bubble, but it is curious, hence the Panda’s reach for the bubble. This is incredible abstract art and it gets us thinking in abstract ways, hence the images abstracticality.

I hope my blog’s name makes more sense now, and as always, thank you for reading.