ATM is a 2012 thriller, reminding us to watch our backs for those late at night trips to get some cash, and that even with our friends, we are never completely safe. Psychopaths exists in the real world, and the reasons they kill aren’t always clear.


The story: David Hargrove (Brian Geraghty) has offered to take a girl he likes home from an office party. He also remembers that he promised his friend and co-worker Corey Thompson (Josh Peck) a ride as well. This was the first time David had worked up the courage to talk to the girl, Emily (Alice Eve), and he is a bit annoyed that he has to take Corey home as well, but being a good guy he still does. Along their way Corey wants to stop in the middle of the night for some pizza at one of the only places that would be open, but needs to stop by the ATM for some cash. Perhaps it wasn’t Corey’s best idea.


I really liked watching this movie, and have actually seen it more than once. Though I think just about any decent actor could have pulled off this movie, the cast was very good. I am a Josh Peck fan and admire how much he’s changed from his younger days on Nickelodeon’s “Drake and Josh”.

The movie has its ups and downs. For instance the setting takes place in the small, confined, ATM booth, but the suspense of what would happen next helps balance it out. Also, some parts made sense, and others didn’t. There were several opportunities to run that weren’t taken. However, the “killer” did disable their car, and even out smarted one of them when they finally tried to run. I still think that realistically speaking, the average person would have easily made a run for it under the circumstances.

The movie was creative though, and I did like how well the killer had everything planned out. He seemed to be in a good position most of the time. And the ending is yet another one that I liked, because it is perhaps different from what you would expect.

My rating: 75% because I think it is worth watching, but didn’t seem realistic enough for me.

Enjoy the trailer below and thank you for reading.