The Campaign (2012) is an American comedy with some well known faces taking the spotlight. The film achieved over $100,000,000 box office, and the good reviews outweigh the bad. But is this film actually as good as everyone is saying?


The Story: When two wealthy, money snatching brothers need a candidate with a clean past and decent public affiliation for a greedy scheme, they convince the unsuspected Marty Huggins (Zach Galifianakis) to run against the well known, but recently criticized, Cam Brady (Will Ferrell), running for his fifth term as congressman. Huggins questions his abilities, and Brady doesn’t see him as a threat. Before long though, the competition heats up between the two.

Movie Evaluation: I mentioned already that this movie has several familiar faces, and I have to start by saying how nice it was to see John Lithgow and Dan Aykroyd in this movie (playing the two brothers in the picture below). Most of the films that I have seen them in, go back several years and it was amazing to see them again.


Pros: I have watched this movie twice now, and wouldn’t mind watching it again. I liked the movie, but not for it’s humor so much. I think that more than anything I simply enjoyed the plot for what it was. Debates are usually a nasty form of competition, but they make for some decent entertainment even in the real world. Watching a “more humorous” version of it, with some well known actors just made it even better. And even though I didn’t find it as funny as I would have liked, I can’t say that there weren’t parts that had me going.

Cons: Will Ferrell humor is hit and miss. Some of his movies shouldn’t even be classified as comedy, for they are merely stupid on a new level. I can’t say he was bad in this movie, but if you know him, and think the way that I do about him, it makes Will Ferrell movies more difficult to enjoy. His best role (in my opinion) was in “Elf”. Now for Zach Galifianakis, who had us talking and laughing about the Hangover movies for a long time, but now that we have all gotten to know him better in other roles, we can see that he really doesn’t change much, no matter the role he is playing. His character “Marty” is just typical Galifianakis humor. How much will it take before he isn’t funny anymore? I’d like to see him change more from movie to movie like some of the world’s better actors do. I do believe he is capable of it, but we need to see it.

My rating: 80% (surprised?) for holding back the humor that I expected, but overall being a movie I still enjoyed watching. I should point out that I can find 100 reasons why not to watch a movie, but still watch it for what I do like. When evaluating a movie I try not to take sides and decide that I like or hate a movie for a handful of reasons, but look for aspects that I both, do and don’t like.

Thanks for reading and check out the preview below.