This 2013 Canadian-American horror film brings back the same family we remember from the first movie back in 2010, but this time there are questions left un-answered and more events about to transpire. Going back to 2010’s Insidious, we were left with the idea that Josh had been possessed during his time in “The Further” to retrieve his son, Dalton. With Insidious 2, we maintain that same suspicion.


The Story: Insidious 2 is a continuation of the original film, as many of you could have guessed. This time, the Lambert family has moved to Renai’s Mother’s house. Renai (Rose Bryne) is still shaken from the past events and doesn’t trust her husband, Josh (Patrick Wilson), for she still suspects that he is possessed, keeping her distance from him. The police are investigating Elise’s (Lin Shaye) death (from the first movie) and Josh seems to be there prime suspect. In addition to their numerous problems and worries, things for the Lambert family once again, get much worse.

Movie Evaluation: When I saw the original Insidious I thought it was a good scary movie. Not many horror films these days seem to actually be “scary”, and although Insidious doesn’t have you shaking in your seat, it was creepy enough for me to like it and to keep from re-classifying it into my own category. Insidious 2, which raised even more money in the box office than the original, wasn’t any better or worse, and because of that I liked it even more. The fact that they didn’t try too hard to out-do the other movie (ultimately ruining it or putting the first movie to shame) is in my opinion, a very pleasing move. As for the “scare factor”, again it is about the same in the sense that it is neither more or less scary.


Pros: The Lambert family consists of likable characters, and I think that this had a lot to do with how well the second movie did, bringing in nearly $60 million dollars more than the first film. Something I particularly liked was (and I am not trying to ruin the movie for those who haven’t seen it) that even though Elise is dead, she still plays a part in the film. I am a big fan of Lin Shaye, (who plays Elise) and have enjoyed seeing her in some other films. I also admire Ty Simpkins (Dalton) for his acting abilities as young as he is. Some of you may also remember him from Iron Man 3. Lastly, I must point out how cool it was to see how they connected Insidious 2 to the first one, and if you watch it, you’ll see what I mean. It is really cool, and very creative.

Cons: Building up viewer suspense is a good thing, especially in TV shows. But in movies, when there is no guarantee that there will be another one, I despise being “left hanging”, not knowing if there will be another film. And Insidious 2 does just that, with a final scene that leaves us with at least one big question and hints at a 3rd movie. Luckily, from what I have seen, it looks like there will be a third one in 2015. Can it keep up with the success of the first two though?

My rating: 85% for not letting viewers (who saw the first one) down, and keeping up in terms of quality, with the original film.

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