A movie I randomly discovered and watched on Netflix a while back, 2010’s The Perfect Host, is indeed an interesting movie. I have now seen this film three times because I love how ironic and “inverted” it is. What I originally thought would be a normal “seen before” plot, turned out to be a much more interesting tale. Allow me to tell you more…


The Plot: An escaped fugitive, John Taylor (Clayne Crawford) is on the run and seeking a place to hide away for a few hours, seeing as he has injured himself. He chooses a house at random, and very cleverly goes through their mail first, to devise a clever method of entry into the home without alarming anyone. He poses as a friend of “Julia”, who’s name he had seen on a letter to the home owner, Warwick Wilson (David Hyde Pierce). Though hesitant at first, he eventually let’s John into his home, offering him a glass of wine. Letting time work it’s magic, things get rough as of the night goes on.


I feel like I can’t talk too much about the story for this particular film, because I really don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it. So I am going straight to Pros and Cons.

Pros: Strong, interesting plot with twists. This provides the viewer with the element of surprise that shocks us, and most of what we think will happen, doesn’t. And with some added, indirect humor, this movie is a good pick.

Cons: It is a confined setting, in Warwick’s house for the most part. And in order to enjoy this film, you have to be accepting of the fact that we are basically just seeing inside Warwick’s house as this is happening. There aren’t any added effects, or thrilling moments to keep, say, an ADD person (or someone who expects a lot of excitement) entertained. So just keep that in mind. Balance this against the Pros though, and there really isn’t any good reason why you shouldn’t at least give it a chance.

My rating: 80% because this movie doesn’t exceed my expectations, but it also didn’t disappointment me or waste my time.

If you have Netflix, I recommend giving this a view. And feel free to come back to my blog and share what you thought! Thanks for reading.