Action, action, suspense, and more action. Olympus Has Fallen (currently on Netflix) is a 2013 American action movie starring only the best actors for the job. Reviews are in though, and what a mixed mess they are.


The plot: Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) is a former Secret Service agent who lost his job several months back as lead agent, after a tragic incident, costing President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart) his wife. On a day when President Asher is meeting with the South Korean Prime Minister, incognito North Korean forces begin to take the White House from outside. Still working within the city for the Treasury Department, Banning quickly learns of the event taking place and moves into action to save the President.

Movie Evaluation: It isn’t hard to determine that this movie cost less than $100 million to make. With a more accurate budget of around $70 million, the effects are clear, and perhaps even cheap. My biggest issue being with the early portion of the movie when the President’s limo crashes. This part of the movie appeared to be made with technology of the 90’s. Thankfully, the effects did get better throughout the duration of the film though. (Many will argue that they didn’t though)


Pros: Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart (Harvey Dent from The Dark Knight), and Morgan Freeman. WOW! What a cast! These three actors have definitely proven their worth in the past, and certainly didn’t disappoint in this film. And come on everyone, it’s an action film about the White House being taken over! Realistically speaking, nothing is impossible, but it’s HIGHLY unlikely that the White House could be as easy to penetrate as the movie depicted. But put on your creativity caps and just enjoy it!

Cons: Disappointing effects do cost the movie some points on the grading scale, and the fact that (once again) reality is thrown out the window, also takes away from the film’s overall grade.

Ignoring the few bad aspects, and admiring everything else, this really is an excellent movie to view.

My rating: 85% Because chances are, if you’re an action fan, then you know that effects and reality just don’t always play well with the plot. Therefore, this movie is worthy of your time.

Thanks for taking the time to read. And remember that I’m not here to state the truth, and my opinion is one of many, so take advantage of the comment box below!