If you’re like me, you are sick of the same crap that scary movies come up with. 2013’s A Haunted House, puts those films in their place by mocking them and making us laugh. The Paranormal Activity movies were poop from day one. But in a film that makes fun of their ridiculousness, I find so much more entertainment!

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The plot mimics Paranormal Activity in a sense that Malcolm (Marlon Wayans) and Kisha (Essence Atkins) are a young couple who soon discover that their new home is haunted. Instead of pretending to be scary (as Paranormal Activity did), this movie focuses on the humor associated with the haunting. Terrifying this young couple and observing how they react, has such a delightful affect.

The cast consists (as you might expect) of some names linked to comedy, including Cedric the Entertainer, Nick Swardson, and David Koechner (Todd Packer from television’s The Office). I can’t completely argue someone who claims that the movie’s humor was too dumb to laugh, but I myself don’t feel that this film reached such a low comedic level. What essentially happens in many “funny” movies, is the creators try way too hard to be funny. You can’t try to be funny, because for something to actually be worth a laugh, it’s best that it comes naturally. Even with a good cast, some movie’s still can’t pull it off, but I think that this one did.


Pros: The balance between script and cast is strong. The wrong cast could have ruined this film and the wrong script could have had the same affect, but they pulled it off. And you will also find that Paranormal Activity wasn’t the only movie mocked. The Devil Inside, is a scary movie that I enjoyed, and another film that this movie take’s a shot at. I liked the combination and thought it went well with the plot. (I will have a review for The Devil Inside, soon as part of Netflix week. And yes, A Haunted House can currently be found on Netflix.)

Cons: Though I do like the cast, favoriting Marlon Wayans, there was some not so good acting that I easily and painfully caught on to. Even more disappointingly, this lack of skill was coming from Essence Atkins, who plays Kisha. Playing a main character, even in a funny film, should be taken seriously and performed well, but I did not get a good vibe from her acting abilities. Certain lines of hers were spoken to quickly or were too short and fast paced in general (perhaps a script problem). Either way, something should have been corrected.


My rating: 85% Funny movies can be hard to come by, as sad as it is, but this movie has what it takes to make people laugh.

Thank you for reading! Enjoy the trailer below.