If you are looking for a horror movie that has set itself apart from all others, The Cabin in the Woods, may just be for you. This film takes you for a twisty ride, and just when you think it can’t get any stranger, BAM, it does!

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The Story: Five friends are spending a weekend in a cabin, secluded from all else, in the woods. What starts out as a good time, eventually turns into a scavenger hunt through some old artifacts in the cabin’s cellar. Little do these friends know, that each item in the cellar triggers a happening that will be focused on killing them. But it isn’t a haunting (as they think) that is doing this. The cabin’s environment is completely controlled from another location by a staff of people. You’ll have to watch this yourself to find out why.

Evaluation: To my surprise this movie received some excellent feedback, earning a rating of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, which for the average movie is just unheard of. They even use the word “astonishing” to describe it. Though I wouldn’t go that far, it is a very admirable film because of how well it stands out from other horror movies. When I first watched it, I expected it to be some friends at a cabin who are eventually murdered by some maniac. OH HOW I WAS WRONG. And I had never been happier to be wrong.


Pros: Good setting, having the cabin in a secluded, wooded area. Excellent twists that make this a unique horror film. And I like that they kept at least one thing the same like many of this film’s rivals. The main characters are young adults. Aren’t most victims in slasher films young? The movie wouldn’t have been the same with, say, middle aged adults. So kudos to them for that one.

Cons: These young actors could have been anyone and the movie would have been just as good. And that’s even with Chris Hemsworth (who plays Thor in the Marvel movies) being in the film. Secondly, the movie could have been improved if it spoke more on the character’s behalf, allowing us to better connect to them and ultimately honor their acting abilities. And even though I like this movie for it’s differences in the horror genre, some of what is in this movie is very far fetched. So much, in fact, that trying to make it seem real just didn’t work (not for me anyway). And Lastly, I wouldn’t watch this film if your just in the mood for a scary movie. Though it’s a good film, it doesn’t just focus on “scary” as you would think, or as the movie’s trailer misleads us to believe.

My rating: 80% Because it did well giving viewers a new perspective on horror, but there are also so many directions (perhaps more realistic and less Sci-fi) that the film makers could have gone with this one.

Thanks for reading, and you can find Cabin in the Woods now on Netflix.