Incredibly, the 23rd James Bond film, Skyfall (2012) was a huge success, raising over a billion dollars in the box office. This great movie today, can be found on Netflix for your viewing pleasure.

Skyfall 3

The Idea: James Bond (Daniel Craig) is back again, this time looking out for his superior, “M” (Judi Dench). In this film, the identities of undercover agents are at stake, MI6 itself is in danger, and more importantly (to bond), M’s life is even in danger.

Movie Evaluation: My first viewing of the film left me somewhat disappointed actually. I suppose, being a Bond film, that I expected less change than there was. We have seen Bond (Daniel Craig and others) face just about the worst conditions, and come out smelling like a rose. This film expressed Bond’s humanity, more specifically though, just how weak he can actually become. Bond is faced with both physical and emotional challenges in Skyfall, and I soon came to appreciate that.


Pros: It’s another fantastic James Bond movie that won’t let you down. Daniel Craig has done well playing the part, and if anything, he can only be making it more difficult to find  anew replacement when his time is up. And as a final note, I express my happiness in seeing the classic Aston Martin vehicle once again.

Cons: For the Bond films I am able to look past the fact that one man could never survive what James Bond survives. There is one thing that gets to me, and upset me about this particular movie, but I can’t tell you what it is without giving something big away. For those who have seen it, I am talking about something that happens in the end. I was very shocked (which is good, yes), but very upset too.

My rating: 90% If you like the previous movies, you should have no problem liking this one. However it could require you to warm up to it first, just as I had to do.