Part two of The Hangover brought in more box office money than either of the other two films, but unfortunately it ruined the third movie’s time in the spotlight, and it’s over all take, causing it to bring in around $200 million dollars less than part two.


The Plot: Leslie Chow (Ken Jeong) has escaped from prison and supposedly stolen millions in gold from a powerful crime lord, Marshall (John Goodman). Marshall is aware than Alan (Zach Galifianakis) has visited Chow in prison, and he wants Alan and the “Wolfpack” to retrieve the stolen gold. Marshall takes Doug (Justin Bartha) as a collateral and gives the boys three days to get his gold.

Once again these friends are faced with some interesting and challenging tasks that we know will be completed in an unserious manner.


Pros: It’s much better than part 2, in that the plot has actually changed and is more interesting and funnier than The Hangover 2. I was highly upset with part 2 and very hesitant to see the third film. I am of course, glad that I gave it a chance. It doesn’t beat the original, but it does at least stand apart from the first two movies. The cast was wonderful (yet again) and I enjoyed seeing them in a much more creative version of The Hangover, as opposed to the pervious one. I have seen all of the main characters from The Hangover films in other movies or shows, and having them all together is really amazing.

Cons: Like the original, some parts were just too stupid to be funny. It’s just a hit and miss type deal with these movies. The Hangover tries to be funny, and thats precisely where it goes wrong, even though the original was still a good movie. And when it comes down to it, part 3 should have been part 2, and it should have ended there. The only thing they have done by making two more, was distort the associated humor with The Hangover, and in some ways, waste our time.

My rating: 70% Cheap humor is right here waiting for you with part 3 of The Hangover. If you have seen the original, then you have basically seen part 2. And as for part 3, it still won’t compare.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the trailer to The Hangover Part III.