No matter your lifestyle, class status, occupation, age, gender, or artistic abilities, Minecraft is one game that has something to offer everyone.


Experience a limitless world. A vast landscape that is yours to mold.


I started playing this game a while ago, after it came out for Xbox 360. At the time, it was a pain to build anything large, because materials had to be sought out and fashioned into what you wanted to use as building material. I spent about a year playing without creative mode, and I had achieved so much. I had made an entire city featuring apartments, hotels, business buildings, a Wal-Mart, a community auditorium, movie theater, mine cart station, hospital, restaurants, underground cave museum (almost larger than the city itself), and more. And that was only one of my worlds! In 2013 I started a new city with even more things, such as a modern day colosseum, church, Freedom Tower replica, pet store, Bank, and much more. This world was part of our gaming network and was built with help from some other players.


Minecraft gives you the option of multiple worlds, meaning that you can continuously experiment with new designs and delete worlds you don’t like. And with enough practice, you will eventually get better and better at the game.


Play in Survival mode, where giant spiders, creepers, zombies, and more will do their best to attack you and destroy things. Or play on creative mode where you have unlimited supplies to do as you please.

Screen Shot 2:3:14 5.58 PM
The first mansion I ever built.

 All of the pictures above can be found in a Google search for Minecraft, and aren’t my creations. But this one directly above this line is actually one of my personal Minecraft homes that I built over two years ago.

To see more of my creations, check out my Youtube video below of some of my personal worlds and creations. Enjoy, and thanks for reading.