Frozen Movie 2010 Cast

The 2010 horror flick, Frozen, might not have done well in the box office, and didn’t seem to gain much popularity, but it’s “chilling” plot is quite intriguing. And even if you know nothing of the plot, doesn’t the one word title, “Frozen” spark your interest even just a little?


Friends Dan Walker (Kevin Zegers) and Joe Lynch (Shawn Ashmore) along with Parker O’Neill (Emma Bell), Dan’s girlfriend, all go to a ski resort one afternoon to spend some time together. As the ski resort approaches closing time, with a winter storm on the way, these three want one more go down the slopes before close up. They convince one of the employees to let them have one last go. While they are on the lift taking them up the mountain, the employee they had conversed with was called away. The worker informs his stand-in that three people were left on the slopes. Three skiers eventually come down the mountain and the worker shuts down the lift. Problem is, it wasn’t the right group of skiers, and Dan, Joe, and Parker are left stranded on the chair lift, high above the ground, with a storm approaching.

I gave this movie a chance for one reason, it’s cover (the picture above). It is, in fact, one of the most eye catching movie covers I have seen, because it really made me want to see this movie before I had even read a description or seen a preview. The ice on the lift is meant to be seen, hence the lit sky directly behind it as the moon shines through the eerie dark clouds of the cold storm. And even more, a person is hanging from the lift, indicating just how high up they are and that he doesn’t want to let go. Lastly, the letters in the title, “Frozen” are typed in a font that is neat and sharp, and the letters have invisible cushions between them, spacing them apart, making the name seem all the more intimidating. They had me at the poster.


Pros: Shawn Ashmore is a fine actor, who I have seen in several movies and shows, more recently in the new show, “The Following”. He definitely helped make this movie interesting to me. But even without him, the plot alone is creepy. Watching this movie, I can’t help but to imagine how I would feel in the same situation. How much would that suck? This movie gives me a lonely/forgotten feeling in the pit of my stomach as I watch the friends discover that they have been abandoned through human error. This is exactly what a movie should do though. We should be able to relate to the characters in one way or another, or at least get a tiny feel of their experience. “Frozen” definitely gave that to me, at least in certain parts of the film.

Cons: Three people stuck on a chair lift for most of a movie doesn’t sound to exciting does it? Though the film tries to hold our interest with other dangers for the characters to face, it’s almost impossible for this type of plot to fully keep someone interested, even for just a hour and a half. Though I was personally ok with the lower level of interest parts of the movie, I certainly can’t ignore it. I feel that potentially, the plot could have been better, but it would have taken some very knowledgable and creative minds to do so. So ultimately what we have, is a plot that was doomed from day one, and I think that the film makers did all that they could possibly do with it.

Abstract Rating: 75% I recommend seeing this movie if you find the film cover as interesting as I did. If you can appreciate that, then I think you can appreciate the film itself.

Thank you as always for reading and the trailer is posted below.