The hit British television show “Sherlock”, has caught the interest of people everywhere as it takes a modern day approach on the classic Sherlock Holmes detective.


My original plan was to write a review of the second Sherlock Holmes movie starring Robert Downey Jr, when I decided that I could’t pass up the chance to write about this one of a kind TV series.


Benedict Cumberbatch (from “The Fifth Estate”) plays the younger, modern day Sherlock Holmes, who’s incredible knowledge and skills help the police solve crimes, and who’s attitude, ego, and lack of emotion, drive those around him insane. With his sidekick and something of a pal, John Watson (Martin Freeman, from “The Hobbit”) the two men work together to decipher codes, catch lies, and solve what others can’t.

Evaluation: Each episode lasts as long as some movies, with run times of about 90 minutes each, which I couldn’t be more happy about. The longest TV episode I have ever watched was just under 45 minutes. Each episode is (in a sense) a short film that simply has a sequel episode to follow.

The modern setting and use of technology helps this version of the famous Sherlock Holmes, fit in with today’s time and gives us a chance to see what he would have been like in our current and advanced world.


I had never heard of Benedict Cumberbatch before watching Sherlock, and this show is the reason why I wanted to see “The Fifth Estate”, which I perviously wrote a blog about, and named the number one movie of 2013, even though other critics would disagree. This particular actor has impressed me in every way I can think of and could not play a better version of Sherlock. The TV show’s success can be attributed to the marvelous cast, and most importantly, Cumberbatch’s stunning performance.

There is no bigger fan in the world of the American TV show “The Office” than me, but I can easily say that “Sherlock” is the best fictional television show I have ever watched. And actually, my favorite reality TV show comes from Britain as well, and I will be posting about it later this year.

My rating: 100% It’s just ASTOUNDING!

Thank you for reading and I have attached a short trailer for the most recent season of “Sherlock” below.