What a dilemma! Here are two highly remarked films that will not soon be forgotten. But how might one decide which is best? Well…Let’s take a look!


Inception has toys, like this little spiny thing that is used to determine whether you’re in a dream or not.


Looper has toys too, just a little more grown up! Like this shotgun that I wouldn’t want pointed at me!


Inception has people walking around on walls and ceilings. BAD ASS!


Looper has the guy from 1996’s “101 Dalmatians”! Remember his dog, Pongo?


Inception has a FINE looking woman with a pistol. Right on!


Looper has an even hotter farm gal with a shotgun! Inception SUCKER PUNCH!


Inception has Jack Dawson from the Titanic!


Lopper has a very famous bald guy!

Anyways, you get the point. Let’s get down to it and evaluate these two movies side by side.


CAST: Both movies star Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who, without question, is a “spot on” actor. Looper has the renowned Bruce Willis! But Inception has one of my all time favorites, Leonardo DiCaprio. And with the perfect cast surrounding him, Inception easily takes the win for best cast.

Inception (1) / Looper (0)

ORIGINALITY: Creativity is everything for each of these movies, and both did extremely well in this sense. Both films portray something that isn’t currently possible given our technology, and may or may not be possible in the future (opinions vary). Because of each films originality I have to call it a draw for the aspect of creativity/originality.

Inception (1) / Looper (0)

QUALITY: Where would any film be without quality? Wait…that’s right, not on the DVD shelf in our homes! Neither movie is of poor quality, but I do have a big issue with Looper for it’s lack of concern with attention to detail, especially when it comes to convincing us that it’s the year 2044. The vehicles in the film are ones we use now! Some weren’t even changed, and others just had some plastic pieces thrown on them. The 1980’s “Back To the Future” did a better job of convincing me that it was the future than Looper did. And secondly, the guns may have been customized to look different, but looking different doesn’t make them look futuristic! The quality point goes to Inception.

Inception (2) / Looper (0)

REALISM: Though each film stretches the limits of science/technology, I find it much easier to believe the idea of inception (traveling through dreams) than I do the idea of time travel. But what’s actually possible isn’t what’s relevant, and both movies did well adapting to and applying theoretical concepts for our entertainment. I have to say however, that Inception did the best job of this.

Inception (3) / Looper (0)

SETTING: Once again, it’s a draw, because Inception provides us with a tremendous array of “in dream” settings that are, at the dreamer’s will, able to be changed at a moments notice. Looper, being a future based movie, gives us a normal, relatable setting, simply taking place at a later point in time. Both of these movie’s settings fit the story that they are telling.

Inception (3) / Looper (0)


In the end only one movie could take the win, and with a 3 – 0 domination, Inception takes it! It’s simply a more complex/thought out, better written, and portrayed film than Looper. And that’s not to say Looper was a bad movie, because I wouldn’t have even taken the time to write this if Looper wasn’t a good movie. Both films are fantastic if you ask me, but by breaking them down and comparing them, we can see that two really good movies can have some major differences in many areas of importance.

Thank you for reading.