I don’t contribute to my “Anomalous Insights” category very often (deviating from my movie reviews), but when I do, I make it count, and this post is all about a man who made a difference in not just the tech industry, but the world itself.


Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Inc, pushed people to “think different” and do things that many thought was impossible. A leader, visionary, businessman, and something of a genius, Steve Jobs gave us one of the largest brand names in the world! A brand now associated with (though not always in the past) premium market technology. Apple Inc. sells durable, long lasting, powerful, secure machines to the average consumer for a premium price. Speaking from personal experience, I wouldn’t buy any other brand.

What I like about Apple is that along with my products I enjoy talking the company’s background, and more importantly talking about it’s founder. Before I bought an Iphone a few years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you who Steve Jobs even was. It was after falling in love with the technology that I began to grow curious about the company itself, and by the time I purchased my first macbook, I could tell you everything you could possibly want to know about Apple.


Job’s wasn’t known for being boss of the year, and expressed tantrums during business meetings, disrespected employees and people he didn’t like, and disregarded professionalism, going into work or meetings barefoot and dirty. Of course this was some years ago, and if you didn’t know much about him in his more recent years before his death, you would have just seen a sweet, normal guy just by looking at pictures of him.

Job’s was dedicated to his work for as long as he could be. Apple was his life, even though he did accomplish a lot outside of the company, especially at Pixar. But in the end, it was and always had been Apple that Job’s was devoted to. He had always been obsessed with doing things right. If you couldn’t do it, then he would find someone who could. Every product had to be “perfect”, inside and out. Style was just as important as functionality.

One of coolest things about Apple is their product releases when the executives get up on stage and announce what’s new. Though not as popular these days, it still remains very much alive as Apple enthusiasts listen live online for the new releases of the Iphone and computers every year. Steve was very particular about these events and used continuous repetition to make sure that every event went…what’s the word…”perfect”!


He was a crazy, rude, stubborn, disrespectful asshole, but he revolutionized how we live. He put price further down the list of importance and made sure quality was the number one focus, followed by style. If it wasn’t good enough for him, it wouldn’t be good enough for anyone. He set the standards high, held them there, and released product after product that expressed it’s own unique personality.

If you ask me, no greater CEO has ever lived, because no other CEO (or founder) has cared as much as Steve Jobs cared about his products. It was about making money, but only when the product was “worthy” of going to market.

He’s no longer with us, but he will always be a man to admire, and to be appreciative of for all he presented to us through his accomplishments.