Shia LaBeouf always kicks ass with his acting abilities, and in 2013’s “Charlie Countryman”, he takes on a role that we don’t typically associate him with. We know him from “Transformers”, “WallStreet”, “Disturbia”, and more, but never have I seen him quite like this.


The Story: Charlie Countryman is a young adult who is, in all honesty, a bit lost in his life. He’s just watch his mother die and now he’s looking for something to do with his life. He leaves the country without much of a plan, and ends up falling for a Romanian girl. In love he may be, but the girl’s ex husband doesn’t take to kindly to Charlie, and will stop at nothing to keep him away from his “wife”.

Evaluation: Let me begin by saying that there wasn’t anything wrong with the cast, and the plot has “heart”. However, there are a few things I found seriously dreadful about this film, starting with Charlie talking to his dead mother, and then talking to another dead individual immediately following this person’s death. It was never clearly indicated whether Charlie had a special ability or not, and there aren’t any online movie descriptions that mention him being anything out of the ordinary. I can understand him psychologically seeing his mother in his mind, pretending to talk to her or see her just after dealing with her death, but another dead person he hardly knows? It didn’t fit in with the movie very well and made for some confusion.


Secondly, I feel that the movie was made by people on some serious drugs. The way the story is told and captured on screen just expresses a sense of randomness and inadequate formality. In other words, the movies structure just seems “off”. I can’t get a total feel for what I thought of the movie. It was certainly different than most films I have seen, generally speaking. It is set apart in it’s own unique way, but in such a way that you either hate it, like it, or just find yourself confused.

Classified as a romantic comedy action film, I was SHOCKED to hear the word comedy. I’m still scratching my head on that one. The romance was there, but as with many portions of the film, it just wasn’t captured correctly. I believe action stands out the most for this movie, but before having read what the movie was categorized as, I wouldn’t have used the term “action” to describe it. And in all honesty, I really don’t know what I would have classified it as at all!

I also can’t ignore the absolutely shitty fact that the beginning of the movie shows you part of the climactic ending! O-M-G! This ruined a big part of my viewing experience from the start. But I will say that the best scene of the movie, is the climax towards the end, because it just spoke to me in a way that no other movie has. I’m just sitting on my couch, watching these characters make their choices, and feeling a hint of awe at what I am seeing as I wait to see how it will play out. This was in fact, the best part of the movie, and the music used is so strange that it actually fits the films personality, and made that climax even better.



Abstract Breakdown.

Humor: 3/10 (Have to consider it, since it’s considered part comedy)

Realism: 10/10

Emotion: 5/10

Cast: 8/10

Music: 9/10 (The odd music went well with the strange setup of the movie)

Setting: 7/10

Quality: 7/10

Originality: 7/10

Total Abstract Rating: 70% It’s……..a movie. And as I said, you’ll hate it, like it, or just be confused. Are you ready to spin the chamber?

Thanks for reading!