Originally named Terry, this adorable female Terrier had a higher “per week” salary ($125.00) in the making of “The Wizard of Oz” than many of the other actors/actresses in the film.

toto (1)

Terry’s name was eventually changed to Toto after the movie’s popularity made it appropriate. Her role in this film was her biggest and most famous.


In addition to “The Wizard of Oz”, Terry starred in “Bright Eyes” (a Shirley Temple film), “The Dark Angel”, “The Women”, “Twin Beds”, and quite a few other films. This dog achieved more than than one could imagine in her short life span.


Though I have seen various ages for Terry, she lived to be somewhere between 10-13 years old (Most likely 10 or 11 from what I have found), having died of nothing more than old age.

Terry has gone down in history more than that of any average human being. But when you look at all she accomplished as a small dog, it’s really no surprise why.

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