“The Conjuring” is a 2013 supernatural horror film based on the true events experienced/investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren, and it shares a connection (probably not known by most people) with the real life Amityville hauntings from the 1970’s.

I just have to start with this because I found it so interesting and only caught on to it by pure chance. I watched a documentary on Netflix called “My Amityville Haunting” a while back, which features Daniel Lutz, who lived in the infamous Amityville house with his family back in 1975. Among those who investigated the activities of the house were Ed and Lorraine Warren. Lorraine (who still lives today), is included in the documentary, as she and Daniel meet up for the first time since he was about 10 years old. Now, I never would have caught on to this myself, but when I was gathering images for this review, I came across the picture below and I just knew that I had seen the real Lorraine Warren before in a film. I went straight to that documentary and fast forwarded through it to find that it was indeed her. (I’m not good at remembering names which is why the names alone weren’t enough for me to catch on to this)

Though I personally don’t believe in ghosts or the supernatural, I do believe that something happened in the Amityville house, and I admire Daniel Lutz’s courage to finally speak out about it, in the 2012 documentary, “My Amityville Haunting”.

Lorraine Warren and actress Vera Farmiga

“The Conjuring” Film Review

Plot: The Perron family has just moved into a new country home for a fresh start. Roger (Ron Livingston) and Carolyn (Lili Taylor) along with their five girls, are still getting settled in when things start to take a turn. It isn’t long before things start to happen that just can’t be natural and are giving the family a serious case of the chills. Carolyn calls upon Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) to come to the house and see if they can help the family before things get any worse. The revelation of the true horror that is unearthed by the Warrens, is simply terrifying.


Evaluation: That sudden burst of sound and an on screen flash is merely what the cinema tries to use to get your blood pumping, but it isn’t what “scary” is about. “The Conjuring” uses these tactics, which is nonetheless disappointing. However it also has within it, a creepiness that most horror movies lack. The doll depicted in the film is enough to give your kids nightmares for the foreseeable future, and the costumes/makeup for the supernatural beings are actually quite freaky (in a good/scary way). Is it the scariest movie I’ve ever seen? I honestly can’t think of any other film, because most movies just don’t scare me. And speaking as a critic, I have to say that this one didn’t either, but it did please my horror senses. It combines new ideas with classic ones to provide a very interesting, modern day horror flick.


Abstract Breakdown.

Humor: N/A

Realism: 9/10 (It does well making it feel real)

Emotion: N/A

Cast: 9/10

Music: N/A

Setting: 10/10

Quality: 8/10

Originality: 7/10

Total Abstract Rating: 85% It isn’t the on screen energy bursts that make this film so good, it’s the faint vibe it puts off that someone is standing behind you while your watching it.

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