Winter, according to Google images

Every year we watch the outdoor world around us wither away with the evil of Fall that leads us into Winter, the worst season ever invented.

Winter, according to Google images

I dedicate this post to saying what I need to say to the season of Winter, “Good-Bye for now!” and “Piss off!”. Winter is a bitch that keeps us from enjoying ourselves on our patios, decks, balconies, and in our yards. For a handful of time it robs us of our sanity as we sit inside keeping warm.

Winter Weather Georgia
What Winter actually looks like

But, Spring is just around the corner. The first official day is March 20th, and I say Boo-freaking-yah to that! It’s about time to see some green outside, and to be able to crank up the radio, roll the windows down, and just cruise in our cars.


Welcome Spring! You are the light at the end of the tunnel as we exit the hell of Winter and move into a much more pleasant season of the year.


Thanks for reading: This has been an abstract rant/leap of joy.