I’ve probably made it obvious by now that I don’t go out to the movies very often, seeing as my reviews are typically a bit late, however, I finally got my hands on “Thor: The Dark World”, and my insides were tingling with excitement!

So, we know where Loki is at this point, imprisoned for his crimes on earth. Thor on the other hand is doing what he does best, kicking some ass. And on earth, Dr. Jane Foster goes to an old factory where random portals have appeared due to an upcoming alignment of the nine realms. Jane ends up teleporting to another world (not intentionally) where she becomes infected by the Aether (a weapon that was hidden a long time ago from the dark elf Malekith). In an effort to save her, Thor takes her to his home, Asgard. This however draws Malekith’s attention to Asgard, and things soon get rough.


Evaluation: I don’t think I have seen a bad Marvel film, not for a good while anyway. Iron Man is by far my favorite Marvel character, but after becoming aquatinted with Thor and Captain America, I realized that I now had some new favorite film characters, generally speaking.

This movie has an inverse setting as opposed to the 2011 “Thor” in the sense that the setting primarily takes place outside of earth. This helps keep things fresh for sure, but there are some negative affects.

Firstly, we are now dealing with even more mythological or fictional terminology, which can make it difficult to keep in touch with the film. Secondly, earth is a more relatable place to us as viewers, and in my opinion the shift in setting made for some overall dullness. I’ll admit, I was tired when I viewed this, but if this had been the original Thor film that I was watching for the first time, it would have kept me alert with a more intense focus.


I liked the movie, don’t get me wrong, but it didn’t beat the first “Thor”, or even come close. “Iron Man 2” beat it’s original if you ask me, and even though I actually favor this one over any of the three, many people will tell you that “Iron Man 3” beat both of the others. This is due the captivating, enthusiastic vibes that Marvel films give off. “Thor: The Dark World” just didn’t have enough to even match is predecessor, but it did have enough to earn over $600 million box office, which beats the first film, but is still only half of what “Iron Man 3” earned.

Loki is my favorite character from the Thor movies. And in this film, he is sought out by Thor out of what’s practically desperation. Loki’s loyalty is questioned the entire time, and I love how the movie whips us back and forth as to whether Loki is good or evil. This was a very strong aspect that I found most compelling. And the very ending of the film (seconds before the credits), yet again surprises us, and got my attention more than any other moment.

This movie combines the twists, the music, the settings, the action, and the tossed in pockets of humor, to give us another excellent Marvel film addition.

Thor-The-Dark-World (1)

Abstract Breakdown.

Humor: N/A (Not enough to consider, but the added humor is a good trait)

Realism: 9/10

Emotion: N/A

Cast: 10/10

Music: 8/10

Setting: 7/10

Quality: 9/10

Originality: 10/10

 Total Abstract Rating: 85% (I’m rounding this one down) It’s a good piece of entertainment, but it isn’t Marvel’s best work.

Thanks for reading!