Here it is, my favorite 2007 movie that turned me into a hard core, Shia LaBeouf fan back when I hadn’t seen him in much else other than “Even Stevens” or “Holes”. “Disturbia” is a teen thriller/slasher that provides the ultimate mix of the teenage lifestyle and relationships into a slasher film that adds a dash of humor just to show you that it means business.

Kale Brecht (Shia LaBeouf) is a high-school teen that suffers his fathers death during a car crash on the way home from a fishing trip. Emotionally unstable, Kale strikes his spanish teacher during class one day, after he makes a remark regarding Kale’s father. Presented before a judge, Kale is placed under house arrest for the summer, being forced to wear an ankle bracelet that prevents him from leaving his home base. Bored beyond belief after his mother cancels his Xbox Live and itunes, Kales resorts to alternate methods of entertainment, such as watching the new hottie who just moved in next door. Watching her swim, change clothes in her room, and observing her daily habits, Kale finds himself intrigued. But the new girl isn’t his only person of interest, as he also watches his other neighbors and before long, begins to suspect one of a stream of killings.


Evaluation: I’ll admit, the first time I watched it I was confused and quite disappointed, because the name “Disturbia” led me to believe it would be a much more violent and “thrilling” film than it was. I later realized that I did indeed love the movie, just not in the way I had originally anticipated. The more I thought of the movie the more and more I knew I loved it for it’s unique take on a slasher genre film. Being stuck at home with limited electronics, one’s activity options are drastically diminished. In Kale’s shoes, I would do the same thing because in all honesty, spying on people is (generally speaking) harmless and can be quite fun. This is such a creative way to have a character discover that a neighbor is a cold blooded killer.

Pros: It has teen related humor, an excellent cast, good plot, and those scenes that go quiet for a few moments only to scare the piss out of you. Pack that all together and you have yourself a good movie.

Cons: I refer to the plot as good instead of great because of the fact that the first half of the movie is practically you just observing Kale’s new lifestyle. The movie is able to make it interesting as we watch a creative teenager find ways to keep himself busy, but it is not what you would expect from a slasher film. Getting to the more intense parts of the movie is a slow process.

Film Title: Disturbia

Abstract Breakdown.

Humor: 7/10

Realism: 9/10

Emotion: N/A

Cast: 10/10

Music: N/A

Setting: 8/10

Quality: 9/10

Originality: 8/10

(NEW) Entertainment: 9/10

 Total Abstract Rating: 85% It isn’t what you would expect, but it has the ability to please you all the same.

Thanks for reading!