One minute you’re texting your friends, the next minute texting is non-existent and you’re 30 years in the past scratching your head as you take it all in. 2010’s “Hot Tub Time Machine” takes three friends and a tech absorbed nephew back in time to live in the 80’s for a while.

After Lou Dorchen (Rob Corddry) takes an attempt at suicide, his old friends Adam (John Cusack) and Nick (Craig Robinson) decide to take him on a trip to a hip and exciting place of their past, Kodiak Valley, bringing Adam’s nephew, Jacob (Clark Duke) along with them. After a night of partying in their room’s outdoor hot tub, the four guys find themselves in a different time. For three of them, seeing the past with all of it’s familiarities, is quite the shock. But why are they there, how did they get there, and how do they get back home?


Evaluation: Unlike many comedies, I can watch this one time and time again and still laugh. My favorite character is Lou, and I have seen Rob Corddry in other films as well, and really enjoy his work. There is a problem though. A second addition is coming, “Hot Tube Time Machine 2”, and I just don’t see it beating this one, or being very good in the first place. Some works, such as this movie, should be left as they are, and just appreciated. Another film could hurt this one’s reputation and prevent those who will be watching the second one first, from watching this one. That’s all just a prediction though based on other experiences with sequels, especially in the area of comedy.

The cast is great, no complaints there. And even more, I love the music, even from the movie’s intro. I firmly believe that more films need a strong intro like this one. Pictures of party goers, hot tubs, silly baby pics, and more, all flashing before our eyes, while at the same time, playing the ever exciting “Turn Up the Radio”, an 80’s song by the band Autograph. It makes for an exhilarating opening sequence that will have you moving with the music and tapping your feet.

Creativity doesn’t shy away with this one. The movie is also filled with relationships gone bad, Lou getting punched in the face, drug use, “arm accident” teasers, Lou getting slapped by a girl, plenty of sexual scenes/references, cute squirrels getting puked on, and Lou getting punched in the face…yes…again, along with MUCH MORE!


Abstract Breakdown.

Humor: 9/10

Realism: N/A

Emotion: N/A

Cast: 10/10

Music: 9/10

Setting: 9/10

Quality: 9/10

Originality: 8/10

Entertainment: 10/10

Total Abstract Rating: 90% This movie has what it takes to entertain you and make you laugh.

Thanks for reading!