So my posts on here have been thinning as I’m sure some have noticed, but I figured I would share with everyone, just whats been keeping me away: it’s my gaming addiction. I have been gaming for about 7 years now on Xbox Live. I  just recently revived my online gaming network and have been working on new youtube videos, plans for recovery within the network, and making gameplay preparations. I haven’t been watching as many movies, but I do have more reviews to come, starting with my next one on the movie “Due Date”. Feel free to check out one of my videos I made this past week from GTA V footage. We love to have fun and we put these videos together while doing it. My Imac has 600GB of video footage that I have been filtering through to create new videos. Our channel is small, but this summer we will be marketing ourselves to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One gaming community to expand our subscriber base and our network membership base. Just have to survive the rest of this college semester first. 🙂

For more information about us you can find us at I will soon be running the twitter feed from XaC’s page to this blog and combing my movie and gaming posts.