It may not be the end of the world, but is living with the anti-christ better? 2013’s “Rapture-Palooza” gives us a taste of biblically forecasted events in odd servings.

After the “good” people of the earth all vanish away to heaven automatically, the rest are forced to live in a newly changed world, ruled by the anti-christ. Even with the earth in chaos, people still went about living as before, just with some changes. Having adapted to the new ways, Lindsey Lewis (Anna Kendrick) and Ben House (John Francis Daley) are trying to get by the best they can. Lindsey’s mom is a nightmare to be around after being kicked out of heaven after only a day, and Ben’s dad, Walt (Rob Corddry) works for the anti-christ, Earl Gundy AKA “The Beast” (Craig Robinson). Yeah, life is messed up for these two, and oh yeah, The Beast falls in love with Linsey and threatens to kill everyone she knows if she doesn’t marry him. So, thats the gist of it.


Evaluation: It has some good actors in it, who I admire in some of their other comedic roles, but as for this film, I hate to say it, but it was poop. POOP I SAY! This film’s humor was less enjoyable than a one week (all expenses paid) trip to the North Pole without a hotel or a jacket. For an hour and a half I forgot how to laugh! I had to revive my laughing abilities with some funny YouTube videos. You see, this movie has a good concept, and even the right cast, but it tries too hard to make “dumb shit” seem funny. Ironically though, I did like watching it, just because (and I bet you had no idea) I really just like movies in general. I so strongly express my disappointment in the film’s humor simply because I had so very much wanted it to be fantastically funny, but what I ended up with was a jacket and hotel with heat, but still located at the North freakin Pole.

Craig Robinson has talent, and I know him the most from his role on “The Office”, but this was not his shining moment. He can act, he can make people laugh, but it was all drowned by a bad script and a character that cared about nothing more than sex. The movie did have some occasional and what I would refer to as “accidental” funny moments, such as Lindsey and Ben’s desire to open a sandwich cart among everything else happening. Now that’s totally random, and in my opinion, a good addition to a comedy. Too bad it was surrounded by mountains of crap.


Abstract Breakdown.

Humor: 4/10

Realism: N/A

Emotion: N/A

Cast: 8/10

Music: N/A

Setting: 8/10

Quality: 6/10

Originality: 6/10

Entertainment: 7/10

Total Abstract Rating: 65% I’m sorry, it’s poo. I almost feel bad reviewing it.

Thanks for reading.