In an effort to expand my blog’s topic variation, I am adding this new section completely devoted to photos of anything I feel like posting, and what better way to kick it off, than with some of my personal golfing photos!


My most recent vacation was to the smokey mountains, where my family has a condo. While there, we played golf on one of the courses for the first time since we have been going to the Smokey’s. Playing, practically in the mountains, was an incredible experience, and I was able to capture some fantastic pictures like the one above, taken from the tee-box on the first hole.


Later in the game, we came across a hole unlike any other I have ever played. Hitting from the top of a mountainous area (and I assure you it was much higher than this picture above makes it seem), was something I had never done or even thought of doing. I don’t like people watching me when I golf, but with this hole being such an attraction, I had several sets of eyes on me as I prepared to tee off. One good smack with a 7 iron, and my ball soared into the air and landed perfectly in the center of the green. It was my best, and most beautiful shot for the day (and not to mention, it made me look good in front of some strangers!)


Part of my reasoning for being so particular about having an audience is that I am a lefty. Many people say that playing left handed makes for a worse golfer, and with that in my mind, I let it affect my performance at times. I try to play as much as I can, and started up this year back in March where a friend of mine was able to capture this pretty cool shot of me teeing off on the second to last hole at a local course.

Thanks for checking out my first post to this brand new category: Photo Post!