I bought it in May 2013, and I won’t drink it until the winter of 2015. Yeah…my life is THAT planned out…shut up about it!


I won’t lie, or pretend to be some wine expert who drinks only the best stuff, because I have some very cheap bottles, but hey, they work for me. This bottle in particular is a 2008, dry, high quality, Greek red wine named “Nemea”. Both I and a friend bought a bottle of this one night simply to try it. As we were drinking his bottle I began talking about the full year I had just taken off from school after getting my associates degree, and how I really should go back to school for a bachelor’s. That’s when (fueled by his motivation) I pulled out my laptop (right then and there) and applied to Western Kentucky University. In fifteen minutes I did something that would help me progress in this world.

I’m currently enrolled and just finished my first year at Western. I’ve only been going part time, but will become a full time student starting next semester and will graduate in winter 2015. I will once again taste the delightful flavors of this Greek wine, but this time I’ll be holding a bachelor’s degree in my hand. Until then, the bottle that I bought will remain on the wine rack with plenty of other “special occasion” bottles.