Older lady gets terribly injured by looking at a box…A little girl later buys the box at a yard sale…Little girl goes crazy… Here we go…


With their parents just divorced things are tough for young Emily (Natasha Calis) and Hannah (Madison Davenport), now having to share their time between their mother and father at two different houses. Their father, Clyde (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), takes them to a yard sale one day that they want to stop for. Emily finds a wooden box that she takes a liking to and Clyde buys it for her. After figuring out how to even open it, she soon begins talking to it, and strange things start to happen. Her behavior toward others changes from her usual chipper self, to that of a dark energy. No big deal, right?

Natasha Calis stars as ‘Em’ in THE POSSESSION.

How many more possession movies can we possibly sit through people? I’m tired of them honestly, about as much as I’m tired of zombies. J.K. Rowling created an entire world of wizardry and witchcraft! She took something common and turned it into something totally new with what we now know to be “Harry Potter”! Sadly though, “The Possession” did not do this. I like horror movies as much as the next person, but lack of imagination is all we get in return for our movie tickets these days.

The first hour of the film seemed more like 2 hours as not much at all really happened. If you wanted, you could skip to the last 30 or 40 minutes and probably understand whats going on and how it came to happen. We didn’t need almost an hour of an on screen walk through of the plot, which is all it was. We get it! She bought a box, the box is evil, and it changed her. What I would have liked to have seen was more side activities. Clyde took the box to a college professor for his opinion of what it was. He then watches a couple videos online about possessions and all the sudden he knows exactly what to do to help his little girl. WRONG! But the movie just went with it! We should have seen more research on his part, and more terror on Emily’s part.

Natasha Calis stars as ‘Em’ in THE POSSESSION.  Photo credit: Diyah Pera

One scene and one scene only stood out to me and even gave me light chills. Emily is at the hospital for an MRI and during her time in the machine, the lights and computer screens are flickering and we see the images of her body on one of the screens. Right there inside of her, we begin to see the face of evil in Emily. This scene, in my opinion, was done very well, and without it I would be struggling to mention what I liked about the film.

I can’t say anything bad about the cast though, because they were honestly great. We’ve seen Jeffrey Dean Morgan in several films and shows such as the TV show, “Supernatural” or the movie, “Red Dawn”. He’s an excellent actor. We’ve also seen Kyra Sedgwick (who plays the mother, Stephanie) in one of her most popular roles in the TV show, “The Closer”. As for the young actresses, Calis and Davenport, they both put on good, solid performances.

Abstract Breakdown.

Humor: N/A

Realism: 7/10

Emotion: N/A

Cast: 8/10

Music: N/A

Setting: 7/10

Quality: 7/10

Originality: 4/10

Entertainment: 6/10

Total Abstract Rating: 65% The first part of the movie is dry, and even though it does spice up in the end, it’s a predictable plot that just doesn’t excite me.

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