Take a deep breath, clinch your nose, and cover your eyes, because these movies are so bad that just reading about them might hurt your IQ. I took one for the team though, and composed this list of shitty movies for my fellow bloggers to avoid!

#5 “The Haunting of Whaley House” 2012

Coming in at number 5 on my stupid shit-o-meter is 2012’s “The Haunting of Whaley House”. This horror film brings nothing new to the table and even insults the movies closely related to it. Stephanie Greco is a cute and talented actress but she landed herself in a poopy movie with this one.

#4 “Rapture Palooza” 2013

Though it came with a fun cast, “Rapture Palooza” disappointed in the comical genre. With stupidity as it’s guide, this movie dug itself deeper and deeper into the ground, away from all that’s good and creative.

#3 “Charlie Countryman” 2013

Load a bullet, spin the chamber, close your eyes, and pull the trigger. “Charlie Countryman” is a gamble even if your are a die hard fan of Shia LaBeouf (like me). This structureless film has confusing plot characteristics and unexplained events that leave us scratching our heads.

#2 “We Are What We Are” 2013

Teasing our senses and building up false suspense, “We Are What We Are” was a terrible excuse for a horror movie. With a plot that does have an eerie vibe to it, the movie just wasn’t portrayed in the right way.

#1 “Contracted” 2013

Earning the lowest score that I have ever “awarded” a review, “Contracted” earned a 50% rating and a “stay away” recommendation. With realism thrown out the window and senselessness replacing it, this film was nothing more than a humorous joke that should only be told once.

Thanks for reading and be sure to steer clear of these atrocious flicks!