It’s one of the most well known facts to any living creature on earth…Parents are very protective of their young.


Phil Broker (Jason Statham) is a former under cover agent who is now settling down with his daughter, Maddy, in a small town. When a classmate at her new school bullies Maddy and causes her to hit him, breaking his nose, Phil is called to the school only to find a mother (Cassie) who is so angry she is practically psychotic. Giving him hell, this woman sends her husband (Jimmy) over to deal with Phil, which turns out to be a bad idea when Phil defends himself, making her Jimmy look like a coward. Cassie is furious and talks to her brother, Gator (James Franco), a local drug dealer, about scaring Phil. Gator breaks into Phil’s house only to discover in some files, who he really once was. It’s all downhill from here.


“Homefront” is a fantastic weekend movie if your looking for something to watch. Personally, I think Jason Statham is amazing in everything that I’ve ever seen him in. And nothing bad can be said about the rest of the cast either. We see James Franco everywhere it seems, playing a large variety of characters here and there. He too, is a great actor and I was glad to seem him in this film.

I do have to report though that you won’t get anything new or surprising with this movie. It’s pretty straight forward…Dad protecting his daughter against the bad guys who have now caught up with him from the old days. It’s predictable form almost every angle, but I will say that with some movies I can accept a classic, straight forward approach, and this would be an excellent example of one of them.


We all think (or at least wish) that we will be able to defend ourselves in the event that someone threatens us or our families, but when it comes down to it, it’s usually just in our minds how strong we really are. Whether it’s psychological reasons, such as anxiety/nervousness, or it’s physical reasons, such as being too weak or out of shape, there is usually something that can prevent us from protecting those who we have vowed to always protect. So it’s nice to see a movie that expresses our mindset toward what we think we would do if someone ever tried anything against us. Though the reality is that we would likely end up in the yard, dead and full of lead, we like to think that we can handle anything. The movie, if anything, is a motivational driver of our more unrealistic feelings.

Abstract Breakdown.

Humor: N/A

Realism: 7/10

Emotion: N/A

Cast: 9/10

Music: N/A

Setting: 9/10

Quality: 9/10

Originality: 7/10

Entertainment: 10/10

Total Abstract Rating: 85% On paper this movie should suck, but it entertained me enough to talk highly of it and recommend it to the blogging community.

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