It’s time I come clean about some of the TV shows I watch, so prepare yourself, as I prepare myself to have my man card snatched up, shredded, burned, and washed away.

I’m going to give you my 3 least talked about TV shows that I watch (but don’t talk about). They aren’t exactly manly, and two of them are made more specifically for girls or women. I’ll list them in descending order from least embarrassing to most embarrassing.

#3 Glee

 It was a friend of mine who kept pushing me to watch Glee. Before that point, the show was a stupid waste of air time in my opinion (though I’d never seen it). It took one episode to hook me. After that, I was officially a “Gleek” (a glee geek, if you will). The music selections may not always be spot on, and do in fact get worse each season so it seems, but the amount of talent that is packed into this show is incredible. There are several songs that I’ll only listen to the Glee version of now. Rachel Berry’s (Lea Michele) version of “O Holy Night” is one of the best sung songs that my ears have ever had the pleasure of listening to. The first time I heard it on the show, I was drenched in chills.

Glee combines the drama and various lifestyles of the high school experience into the unique musical television show. With Glee, anyone can become friends, and it’s usually those least likely to ever get along.

#2 Desperate Housewives

So this one was more of a family TV night show that I watched with my parents every Sunday night. My mom was originally interested in the show, and with nothing else to do on a Sunday night, I started watching it with her and my Dad, from episode one. I love the sporadic nature of Desperate Housewives. You never know what might happen in each of the episodes. Sure, it’s essentially a soap opera, portrayed in a less traditional way, but damn it’s good! It has characters that you can easily connect to, and the right emotions to accompany each one. Simply put, this show is life on camera, even though it’s fictitious.

There’s no bullshit with this one. When it’s funny, you’ll laugh, when it’s sad, you’ll feel sad, and when it’s intense, you’ll be on the edge of your seat. Designed for addiction, this was the nicotine of TV shows. Too bad it’s not on anymore. But it was a success in it’s time!

Pretty Little Liars TV Series Wallpaper
#1 Pretty Little Liars

Alright now, just hold on a second and hear me out! In my defense, this is my least favorite of the three shows. Come on, there’s no need for name calling here! I had no influences, or anyone to blame this one on. For it was I, and I alone, who chose to start watching this series. Now that’s just rude…why don’t you lay off and let me finish! I was bored, VERY BORED, and had run out of good stuff to watch on Netflix. With that said, I started trying new things. Some things caught on, and others not so much. Yes, Pretty Little Liars caught on after a couple of episodes, and so I continued watching it. I like the fact that these girls are constantly being messed with by someone that they just can’t identify no matter how hard they try. Crushing their relationships with friends, family, and each other sometimes, these four girls continue to fight a heavily armored canon with a plastic pea gun.

The drama, is in my opinion, to “high schoolish”, but the curiosity and mystery keeps me watching. What will they have to go through next? And come on, they are pretty cute.

So there you have it! That’s my list. Pick up as many virtual tomatoes as you can and throw them at me in the comments if that’s what you have to do. Otherwise, thanks for reading as always!