They have funny looking animal masks over their faces, but these guys are the opposite of “playing around”.

The Davison family is meeting up for a family dinner at their parents (rather large) vacation house. It’s very clear that Aubrey and Paul (the parents) have a lot of money. Before the arrival of their family, Aubrey becomes deathly frightened by a sound from the upstairs. Convinced that someone is in the house, she wants to call the police, but Paul tells her to wait outside while he checks upstairs. During his search he runs into his son, Crispian, who had already arrived and was looking for Paul. The two meet back up with Aubrey and Erin (Crispian’s girlfriend), and talk while the rest of the family arrives. During dinner, a bolt from a crossbow is shot through the dinning room window and kills one of the guests. Panic then consumes the family.


 The masks that the killers wore, greatly impacted my decision to watch this movie. I figured it was just another “random killings” kind of film. But since the masks were cute animals, I figured I’d try it for the irony. Even better, I’m damn glad that I did! What I got in return for my hour and a half was actually surprising.

This film is another “kill all that you can” type of feature, but it’s also something more clever. Firstly, we learn that Crispian’s girlfriend can kick some serious ass, which is explained by her background that she never told Crispian about. This was one of the complimentary “shockers” that the movie gives us. But it wasn’t about to stop there. Covered up so well by other events, we eventually learn the motive for the killings. YES!! This film actually has reasoning behind the murders! They aren’t just psycho loons chopping people up because they were raised to do so. THANK YOU MOVIE MAKERS!


I only caught on to what was actually happening, and who was involved, just before the movie made it clear. The surprises of this film played hide and seek quite well. However, the twist at the ending of the movie, I had actually seen coming for a few minutes prior. There was a big question I kept asking myself, and eventually it was answered in the ending scene. I know I speak so vaguely here, but I just can’t give anything away for those who haven’t seen it (not that I’ve never spoiled movie scenes before though…my bad).

Taking a few steps back from the plot, I can still see that other than the plot (that actually means something in the film), it is essentially, just another slasher film. The reasoning behind the killings isn’t anything you’ve never seen before, and the killing itself is just killing. On top of that, we have some really stupid characters doing some really stupid, or “typical” things that lead to them or someone else to getting killed. This aspect of the movie was utter shit in all honesty. “Oh, you aren’t feeling well? Ok, well you just lay here by yourself while I go back with everyone else. I’ll even turn the light off for you.” It’s not like there’s multiple killers in the house, right!?


What we need is a movie that is aware of the horror/slasher movie survival rules, and can actually outsmart them. I will give You’re Next credit for creating a new “my cell doesn’t have signal” excuse. Instead of cell phones just magically not working in their time of need, this film actually gives reason for the signal jam. And so again, I say thank you.

Abstract Breakdown.

Humor: N/A

Realism: 7/10

Emotion: N/A

Cast: 8/10

Music: N/A

Setting: 9/10

Quality: 8/10

Originality: 7/10

Entertainment: 8/10

Total Abstract Rating: 80% It’s a slasher movie that managed to stay on the rails more than that of many other slasher films. You may find it to be worth a try. I did.

Thanks for reading!