So, he sees dead people, risks his life to help them, and when he is done, he has one heck of an irresistible girlfriend to attend to. This is the life of Odd Thomas…Yeah that’s actually his name.


Having learned the rules of the supernatural, Odd Thomas (Anton Yelchin) has devoted a large portion of his time to helping the dead. He does so by catching those people (still living) responsible, and working with the police, one of whom knows of Odd’s gift. Odd also see’s these creatures that represent impending evil. The more of them around, the worst the catastrophe will be. Oh, and if they find out that he can see them, then they’ll kill him…no big deal. And in addition to his hectic life, he also has a girlfriend, Stormy, who means everything in the world to him.


Once I realized that the lead character was played by the same person (Yelchin) as the main character in 2011’s Fright Night, I figured I would give this movie a chance. Odd Thomas combines the supernatural with elements of an investigative film, to create something like a hybrid version of the two. Sure, the concept is nothing new; there is always some kid trying to figure it all out before the crisis occurs. But with this film, that wasn’t an issue for me. I was distracted by the uniqueness of the creatures and of Odd’s abilities. If you can toss in enough pieces to set a film apart from others, then sometimes (and only sometimes) that can be enough.

I have to say though, that had I not watched the film all the way through, I would have had a much different opinion. It was in fact a little dry to start, and I had difficulty keeping my attention focused on the film. But once I hit the more interesting parts (as it become more suspenseful) I was able to do so without a challenge. I will point out though, that the suspense offered with this flick, is not an “edge of your seat” type suspense. It’s more of a common and familiar suspense that you may have gotten from some 90’s movies. At least in my opinion, this isn’t such a bad quality.


My favorite part was the ending, which briefly gave me some slight chills, as well as an emotional twist. I feel that I should have seen it coming (though I was very tired in my defense), but the fact that I didn’t made it so much better. It’s hard to say for sure how well the film did in misleading me (because of the exhaustion I was experiencing the day I viewed it), but from what I can tell, it didn’t do too bad. Perhaps I should recommend viewing this while you’re tired. I don’t know.

Abstract Breakdown.

Humor: N/A

Realism: 7/10

Emotion: 7/10

Cast: 9/10

Music: N/A

Setting: 9/10

Quality: 8/10

Originality: 7/10

Entertainment: 8/10

Total Abstract Rating: 80% Don’t specifically make time to watch this movie, but if you do find the time, then it’s worthy of a chance. I enjoyed it.

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