He isn’t the most traditional guy when it comes to getting the pesky living inhabitants out of your home, but Beetlejuice sure can shake things up! What’s Halloween without a little Beetlejuice?


Adam (Alec Baldwin) and Barbara (Geena Davis) Maitland are happily married and have decided to spend their vacation at home, decorating their large house. However, when a trip to the hardware store goes wrong, the two end up crashing their car off of a bridge. Returning home soaking wet and a bit frazzled, the two can’t recall how they even got home. They soon realize that they are recently deceased and are trapped within the confines of their own home for 125 years. It’s ok though, because death comes with a manual that helps you when in need. Adam and Barbara’s biggest mistake though, was going against their case worker’s advice and calling upon the infamous Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton) for help getting the new homeowners out of their house. Beetlejuice is a wild card…you never know what might happen.


Despite the graphic effects that were even outdated in their own time, “Beetlejuice” is a classic, well-known film by just about anyone who watches movies. I first viewed the film as a kid and found it intriguing nonetheless. Adam and Barbara are just two extremely nice people who viewers can quickly and easily like. But every movie needs a good kick in the ass, and that’s where Beetlejuice comes into play. His odd and sick sense of humor, perverted ways, and lack of concern for others makes him ideal for spicing this movie up.

My only issue with the film is that Beetlejuice doesn’t actually seem to get very much screen time. He is the name of the movie itself, and yet we don’t see much of him until the middle of the movie, and when we do see him it’s not for long. His biggest role is toward the end of the movie where he gets a chance to really shine. All I can say is that his putrid personality compensates for his lack of screen time. When we see Beetlejuice we don’t soon forget it!


So, whether you’ve seen it recently, forgot about it in time, or have never given it a chance, I recommend viewing “Beetlejuice” this Halloween season. I’m not going to rate the movie as I typically do, because this is merely a suggested movie to add to your October viewing list.

Have a Happy Halloween fellow bloggers!