In July of 1946, during one hell of a heat wave, the famous American composer, Leroy Anderson, conjured up the idea for a holiday song that we have all come to love, “Sleigh Ride”.

“Sleigh Ride”

Leroy Anderson (1908-1975) conjured up the idea of the song “Sleigh Ride” during a heat wave in July 1946 as ironic as it may seem. He finished the composition in February of 1948. It was a couple of years later that lyrics were added to the song by Mitchell Parish. I originally knew nothing about Anderson until I wanted to find out who wrote this particular Christmas song. From there I fell for even more of his work. I’ve been a fan of Anderson’s music for a couple of years now. Some of my favorites are “The Waltzing Cat”, “Fiddle Faddle”, and “The Typewriter”. These are some of his more popular pieces. I’ve shared a couple of them below.

I tried to find videos without ads, but the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra did a bang up job on this next piece, so I had to use this one!

“Fiddle Faddle”

“The Waltzing Cat”

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