When you attend your class reunion in the future what will you have in store for your classmates of the past? Hopefully you can blow them away with your mountain of success, but what if your life hasn’t amounted to much thus far?


Buddies for life, Justin (Damon Wayans) and Ryan (Jake Johnson), haven’t really accomplished much since their college days. Justin designs video games that just aren’t good enough for his attention deficit co-workers, and Ryan doesn’t even have a job, currently living off of a payout from a commercial he did a couple years ago. Both living as room mates in Los Angeles, they had originally told themselves that they would move back to their hometown if they hadn’t “made it” by the time they were thirty. Now in their thirties of course, the two are struggling to make sense of their lives and truly become something. After a failed presentation about a new police based video game, Justin is convinced by Ryan to use the realistic cop uniform props for their college reunion costume party. They embarrassingly come to find that it isn’t that type of costume party, and both are put to shame while trying to compare to the success of their peers. On the way home they are perceived as real cops by the general public. Ryan lets it go to his head, and the two thirty something year olds have some fun “playing cops”.


While the rest of the world is hating on this movie, I actually liked it so much that I’ve already watched it twice since I got it. It’s the same type of humor that you’ll find from the film “A Haunted House”. If you didn’t like that one, then steer clear of this one for sure. What I can say though, is that a sequel would be a terrible idea. Given the low initial budget in comparison to the revenue generated in box office for “Let’s Be Cops”, a sequel could be very likely in the future, but will probably be just as shamefully awful as “A Haunted House 2”.

Some, if not most humor, is good the first time, but simply too much a second time. Under the right conditions a sequel could be fantastic, but we all know that hollywood milks it’s “plain jane” humor for as long as it can. If “A Haunted House 2” isn’t enough to prove it, what about “The Hangover 2”? The original film was a hilarious modern day comedy, but the sequel was nothing more than a dud, and everyone knows it.



“Let’s Be Cops” brings to life the inner desire we have as humans to break down reality’s barriers and just be free to do whatever we want. After a hot summers day how awesome would it be to just jump the counter at McDonald’s and eat the ice cream straight from the machine? On a boring Sunday afternoon how awesome would it be to hop in the car and see how fast we can get from our side of town to the other, ignoring traffic lights and speed limits? Well, after a few years of a disappointing life, and a class reunion to shame us even more, how cool would it be to pretend to be cops (or any occupation of our choice really)? In movies these desires can be spilled out in front of us. Life has consequences, but movies can be whatever they want to be.

The humor is ridiculous, yes! I won’t deny it one bit. Plenty of people just don’t have the tolerance for such adolescent behavior. So be it! I won’t hold it against you. There are plenty of “wannabe” comedies out there that I can’t stand either. This is simply one of the exceptions in my opinion. I had fun watching this movie. I felt free watching this movie. And that’s what it’s about.

Is it realistic? Hell to the no. I know I pick at this film quality more than boogers from my nose, but this time I just do not care. I don’t care that it’s stupid, and I don’t care that the jokes are amateur and childish either. And most importantly the movie stays in it’s place the entire time. It doesn’t mess with our senses, making us think “oh wow this is good”, only to throw us for a loop and have us thinking “why did I watch this?” You’ll either like it from beginning to end, despise it from beginning to end, or just be like “ok then”. You won’t have to worry about mixed opinions for this one. So take your easy to use grading scale with you, pop in the movie, and when it’s over circle “good”, “bad”, or “ok”.

Abstract Breakdown.

Humor: 6/10

Realism: N/A

Emotion: N/A

Cast: 8/10

Music: N/A

Setting: 9/10

Quality: 8/10

Originality: 9/10

Entertainment: 10/10

Total Abstract Rating: 85% rounded up. It’s flawed and really stupid, but I can’t help but to love it. In all fairness, this is coming from the guy who though the first “A Haunted House” was hilarious.

Thanks for reading!