Maybe the next time you’re thinking of exploring a dark tunnel or cave system you’ll think twice before entering…


“As Above So Below” was not at all the movie I thought it would be, in the sense that I had a different plot anticipation before viewing it. I did not realize the film was going to try to be clever in that the reason for exploring the underground system in Paris, was for legit reasons. My assumption was that some kids just stupidly ventured down under the streets to see what they could find. I can’t say that the idea of turning the motion picture into a “national treasure” type of film was a bad thing. But in doing so, the movie was utterly ruined.

Just so happens that the main character, Scarlett, always knows what to do and finds luck around every corner so it seems in her quest searching for the “philosophers stone”, as the film refers to it. I’m fine with her need to do this and help restore her fathers name after his suicide from “insanity”, so it’s said. But her knack for quickly being able to decipher codes and know what to do, is just too rushed and unbelievable.

as above

Getting down to the horror, there were a couple of good scenes where “scary” was able to set in. I loved the burning car scene, and found creepiness to smoothly flow from it as someone who is afraid of fire, and finds old cars eerie in themselves. Secondly, I did find the demon like creature that was encountered sitting in an antique chair to be very chilling. To add to this “chill” as I so speak of, it’s unceasing to recall that these people are very far below the ground, away from anyone who could possibly help them. So in the horror sense, the film wasn’t terrible.


Unfortunately though, the movie as a whole, proved to be a let down from beginning to end. The plot needed to be re-visited with some serious changes, and an adventure that was less hurried and luck ridden. I don’t recommend this film to anyone, unless you just simply have to see it for yourself.

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