If you drive a Tesla S Model or perhaps a Prius, then the earth thanks you…If you prefer gas guzzlers though, then you are playing a part in the earths global climate change and weather pattern shifts…YAY!


Pete Moore is a storm chaser who makes documentaries on the very storms he tracks. Lately he’s been experiencing some tough luck in his storm discoveries. With a new storm on the brink and a team ready to go, this could be his last chance of the season to film some valuable footage. Meanwhile in Silverton, Oklahoma, a high school graduation is about to take place. The graduation is of high importance to Vice Principle Fuller, and he is putting continued pressure on his two sons who are assigned the task of filming the ceremony. One of his sons however, sneaks away to assist a pretty girl with a project she is working on. With only one son manning the cameras, the ceremony begins. Taking place outside, the weather is sunny and gorgeous…at least until the wind starts to pick up and precipitation sets in. With the sound of the tornado sirens the graduation is cut short and everyone is brought inside the school to take cover. With the students taking cover, Pete and his team are moving into the area to capture some of the greatest footage they have ever had the pleasure of filming. This is an experience of lifetime…good for Pete’s team…bad for just about anyone else.

There are only two tornado based movies I’ve ever cared for…”Twister” and “Night of the Twisters”. Both are classics in my opinion with “Twister” being the all time favorite. “Twister” has been immortalized as one of the most known disaster films of all time. I had the misfortune of viewing “Sharknado” a while back. The film murdered my overall desire to even watch a disaster based film. Yet here I am, and here is one that I gave a chance. I didn’t have much hope for it and I had no expectations whatsoever.


My first observations…

1. Lori from “The Walking Dead” is in it! (Sarah Wayne Callies) She may be only 3 years shy of 40, but I find her quite appealing. She made a hot mom in the zombie television series, even if she was annoying and practically pointless as a character. 2. The medical doctor from “The Hangover” is in it! (Matt Walsh) He actually played Pete the storm chaser. He has always reminded me of Louis C.K. in his appearance. 3. With some recognized actors already in place, I came to like the cast very quickly, especially Richard Armitage as Mr. Fuller. I thought his performance was excellent, and I believe the role was right for him.

With these more immediate observations set out, I found the overall film to be of entertainment quality. This is not to say I was blown away…get it? Haha. The quality of the film and computer graphics exceeded my expectations in a  very pleasing manner. Though I was expecting the same level of quality as a Syfy channel movie to be honest. This was a fine work of art compared to a SyFy movie. Compare it to other “real” films in it’s genre though, and things start looking less impressive.


Though I enjoyed watching the movie, it’s not like it gave me an experience that similar disaster movies couldn’t provide. How many times can we watch fake tornados tear through shit and watch people run around like chickens with their heads cut off? I think that for any future disaster films of similar nature to be successful, they will need to take a different approach. Come at the viewer from a different angle and create a storyline that in itself would make a good movie even without all of the destruction. Will we see such a movie? Probably not. But if the day does come, I’ll be tickled pink to review it.

Abstract Breakdown.

Humor: N/A

Realism: 9/10

Emotion: 7/10

Cast: 9/10

Music: N/A

Setting: 9/10

Quality: 6/10

Originality: 5/10

Entertainment: 8/10

Abstract Rating: 75% For a one-time viewing it makes for some fun. Beyond that, it’s just another disaster movie to add to the stack.

Thanks for reading!