So it’s basically like this teapot thing that kinda like gives you money and stuff for basically “entertaining” it…something like that anyway.


Alice (Juno Temple) and John (Michael Angarano) are a couple struggling to make ends meet in terms of money. Alice is not having any luck finding a job and John is losing his. When they are involved in a car accident (that brings them no harm thankfully), Alice notices a woman across the street who is suspiciously carrying a brass teapot back inside her antique store. Alice, in something of a daze, goes over to the store to check it out. When the store owner steps away for a phone call, Alice grabs the teapot and runs out of the store with it. Some time later Alice makes an odd discovery about the teapot…It produces money when she hurts herself…and a lot of it! For a while things are fantastic as the couple beat each other senseless to earn big bucks, but in time the teapot pays less and less for the same repetitive inflicted pain. How far can these two possibly go to keep earning money?

This wasn’t a film I’d ever heard of prior to viewing it. I actually discovered it on Netflix. That’s one of the biggest “pros” to the movie streaming service, that you can discover all kinds of movies you’d have otherwise never viewed. But the reason Netflix suggested it to me is because I had just watched a different movie starring Juno Temple titled “Dirty Girl”. This gives me a good starting point for this review…Juno Temple. I remembered her from “Mr. Nobody” on my own account, but through research I was able to discover and recall her in plenty of other movies such as “Year One”, “The Dark Knight Rises”, and “Horns”. After viewing this film and the one before it, both on Netflix, I really gained a lot of respect for her as an actress. Here is a girl, who’s name I never knew before now, but would not only know it beyond this point, but speak highly of it in regards to her talent. I can’t leave all the credit to her though. Michael Angarano’s personality really fit this movie. He is actor that I’m not familiar with, even after my research, but I do know this…If I were to see him in another film one day I would remember him as the guy from “The Brass Teapot”, and that’s a start.

The plot: Now even though the plot wasn’t the main reason I opted to view this, I certainly wouldn’t have though twice about seeing this if the description hadn’t intrigued me. It sounded almost like one of those classic children’s book plots. The concept just seems to fit that type of profile among the classics like “The Three Little Pigs” or “Humpty Dumpty” or something. Maybe that’s just me…but either way it got my attention.


The story was depicted with what I like to call “the apple approach”. We all know that the iPhone’s possess the simplest, most user friendly operating system on the market. A complete idiot could operate one. This movie had a similar feel from a viewer standpoint. It was straightforward, never misleading, and easy to follow. From a certain perspective I can understand where some critics would call that dull and unexciting, but I thought the plot was still carried out in an entertaining manner.

Once again I’ve found a movie that puts my mind in the movie itself. I’m a person who likes to live a more extravagant lifestyle at times, so having a teapot that pays me, even for the darkest of activities, would be kick ass! Personally, I have no doubt that I would get sucked in to the point of no return if I discovered such an item. The fantasy associated with this film really connects with me and could be why I liked it so much. So apologies if I’m a little biased with this review!

I honestly don’t have anything bad to say about this one, but that’s not to say it was perfect by any means. Critic reviews aren’t so hot, but then again it has a good rating on Netflix currently. So once again it’s mixed and you’ll ultimately have to decide for yourself what you think of it. For me though, I was just in a movie watching mood and wanted to try something new as opposed to re-watching an old favorite. I had an open mind, no expectations, and was in a really good mood and state of mind, so you could say that the conditions were favorable. Give me a soda, some snacks, and a good movie on a Saturday night and I’m perfectly content. In my opinion this makes a good film for your weekend viewing pleasure.

Abstract Breakdown.

Humor: N/A

Realism: 8/10

Emotion: N/A

Cast: 10/10

Music: N/A

Setting: 8/10

Quality: 7/10

Originality: 8/10

Entertainment: 10/10

Total Abstract Rating: 85% A touch of fantasy mixed in with a creative plot made this film enjoyable. Let’s face it, this film could have been much worse, while at the same time it could have been better too…but I’m good with it the way it is.

Thanks for reading.