2015 was my last blog post. Three and a half years have gone by. What was once a briefly active movie review site, has sadly sat silently in the depths of the internet, losing viewership, and accruing figurative “dust”. Like the average person, I lost interest in something as my life took me in new directions. New jobs, new people, new cars, and now I even have a house. It really goes to show that a lot can happen in almost 4 years.

What I am most proud of is that a simple Google search for the word “abstracticality” immediately pulls up the link to this site.  Having created a new word, I also ensured a sort of dominance for search engines. On the flip side…who in the hell is even searching for that??? So maybe in the end I never accomplish much in that sense, but to me it means something.

While my movie reviews will remain up, and maybe I will even add some more down the road, my intentions are new and improved for future posts. “Journaling” my life so to speak, I plan to use this site to track my own progress in life, share weird thoughts or ways of thinking, and hopefully meet some new people along the way. Just like gamers or car enthusiasts, bloggers should stick together and build their networks using each other. I met some great movie reviewers over 4 years ago here in the WordPress world and I know I can meet some more great people moving forward.

Just like mine, I’ve noticed several others that I once knew, who’s sites are no longer active or don’t even exist anymore. Of course it makes me wonder what they are up to these days, and hopefully they are doing well for themselves. But for now and for better or for worse, I have returned. It’s time to share some stuff with the world!