So I’m sitting my office today and I stretch my arms out and embarrassingly realize that I forgot to put deodorant on today…whoops!

I’m a clean person. I wash my hands a lot, I care about my appearance, and I haven’t forgotten to wear deodorant in a VERY long time. So my mind starts racing around in circles trying to conjure alternative solutions using items I may have on me or in the office. What comes to mind first? Chapstick???? Yes, my mind actually went to rubbing my cherry flavored chapstick underneath my arms. My brain is telling me that it’s a ludicrous idea, but my curiosity wants to know if it would actually work…even just a little bit.

Let me just say that I did not try it. I doubt I’m crazy enough to try it, or maybe I am…who knows. And I suppose on the bright side that if I did try it, my pits at least wouldn’t be chapped. Is that even a thing? Probably not, but I’d be one step ahead of the game today just incase a major breakout of pit chapping occurs. And that…well that’s just genius.

No it isn’t. It’s stupid as hell. I’m well aware… 🙂