Maybe I am the bright green sheep standing in a massive field full of gray sheep, but I have always found it very relaxing to watch someone handwrite. Just like singing can sooth a small child or infant and put them to sleep, watching someone handwrite can do the same for me. That pen or pencil making direct contact with a piece of paper….oh my….it really can give me the chills if I watch long enough.

I’ve never fully understood it myself. What it is that just does it for me. Is the writing instrument itself? Is it the sound of the pen or pencil making contact with the surface?  Is it the way a person’s hand just gracefully glides across a page? Is it the art of creating something even as simple as a signature? The truth is I just don’t know. But when I watch someone write my mind goes into a state of ease, my eyes get heavy, and sometimes I even get chills across my scalp and neck. It’s incredibly relaxing. And to help shine some light on just how enjoyable it is, I would compare it to a short back rub. It just makes me feel good. My thoughts can relax for a few moments and so can I.

What I know for sure is that it isn’t some sort of weird fetish or anything. That I am sure of. I can assure you that I do not “get off” to this or anything of that nature. It’s not sexy or kinky or blah blah blah. It’s just peaceful. And in most cases it doesn’t matter who is doing the writing. It’s the act of handwriting, not the hand writer. And I can trace this enjoyment back to my grade school days. Back then I was in fact, fascinated with pens. If I saw a pen that I liked I had to have it. I craved them, I collected them. But even as I grew out of that phase and into other interests, my secret enjoyment of handwriting never skipped a beat.

It’s another part of me that makes me unique. And I’m cool with it. I just wish I understood it better.