Yet again I find myself writing a post that might just make me the oddball of the bunch. I don’t know about the rest of the world but the first thing I do after purchasing a brand new apple product of any sort, is open the box and inhale deeply. And when it comes to Apple computers, the keyboard holds the strongest scent of that intoxicating new computer smell.


I was recently given an early Christmas gift by my wonderful fiancee. A brand new Macbook air in the gold finish. If you keep up with Apple’s product lines, you’ll know they recently updated the Air computers, and my goodness are they beautiful. About two or three years back Apple came out with what they called the “MacBook”. It was smaller than the Air computers and only came in a 12″ size. I bought one almost immediately in the gold color. It was hands down the sexiest computer I’d ever laid my eyes on. And the keyboard had thinner, lighter buttons that just allowed your fingers to effortlessly flow across the keys. The only problem was that it was too damn small. On each side of the keyboard there was no more computer. It cut off right on the edge and made for a very small laptop.

Virtually no edge makes it feel too small

I already had a 13″ MacBook Air and I really thought it was the perfect size. After about two weeks with the new MacBook, I returned it for no other reason than it’s size. I just couldn’t handle the size. I also told myself that if they ever made a 13″ like my current Air, that I would buy one. And recently, with a refresh of the Air lineup, the new facelift resembled that of the best looking computer I’d ever briefly owned.

I immediately expressed interest in the computer since they had finally come out with what I wanted. However, the practical side of me was able to refrain from purchasing one. Mainly because I still have my 13″ Air, a 27″ iMac, and a 13″ MacBook Pro provided through my company. So I held off. Me, being able to tell one day that my fiancee was up to something that had to do with a gift for me, jokingly requested an early present from her. She obviously gave in (hence this post) and I found myself with this gorgeous laptop.

And I can’t stop smelling the keyboard! OMG! It’s so good! I honestly think I would choose the smell of a new Apple product over the new car smell. That’s how good I think it is. I remember back in 2013 when I bought my 27″ iMac. The computer, combined with the wireless keyboard, literally filled my room with the incredible smell for probably a week or two. It was the best experience I’ve had as far as the smell of one of their products. But the bottom line is that all of their products smell amazing right out of the box. No finger prints, everything is shiny, and oh my goodness do they smell heavenly.

Not the new Air, but still beautiful

Call me crazy until you’re blue in the face, but there is no stopping me when it comes to unboxing an Apple gadget. Even if I know of someone buying a new MacBook or something, I beg and beg them to let me be there when they open it because it’s going to be one hell of a feast for my nose!