Remember that douchebag you saw driving around in his lame ass car that looks like it runs on banana peels? That might have been me! 🙂 So firstly, BACK OFF. And secondly I love my Prius. It’s my weekday car for commuting an hour to and from work. Yes, I’m an idiot and I drive two hours most days just for work. But I average 50 mpg in the summer and 46 mpg in the winter. So just keep that in mind as you judge me for driving one of the lamest looking cars ever made.

I don’t deny that it’s not good looking. But I bought this 2008 Prius in early 2018 with about 192,000 miles on it for only $4,500. I normally wouldn’t make a purchase like that, but I knew the ONE owner in a professional capacity and he had all ten years worth of service history for the car. It had been very well taken care of, and was clean inside and out.

My Actual Toyota Prius

The featured image for this article is not my actual car, it’s an image I pulled from the online world. But this pic above is my actual car. I purchased it as a secondary vehicle to my 2015 Mustang GT (which I later traded for a Mercedes E350). I wanted something cheap that got good gas mileage. And I really think I was lucky to come across this particular car. I didn’t even know who’s car it was at first. I originally saw it sitting out with signs on it off of a road I was driving down in the city that I work. I pulled over, took a look, and called the number on the for sale sign just out of curiosity. It ended up being a great decision.

I’ve always loved cars of all kinds. That’s why I enjoy the balance of having an older car and a newer car. I certainly drive the Prius the most and I have no problem doing so. I have fallen in love with the car and I will likely keep it until the wheels fall off…so to speak. What really surprised me about it was all the technology on it. It’s a 10 year old Toyota and it has some of the same features my Mercedes has. It has keyless entry, where when you put your hand in the door handle the car unlocks automatically, and then there is a button on the handle to lock the car. It also has push to start. So the keys literally never leave my pocket…on a 10 year old Toyota! It also has a built in screen in the dashboard that displays the radio, climate control, and even displays a bar chart of your average mpg every few minutes, or you can switch and see the screen that shows what is powering the car at any given moment. You can literally see if your only using battery, charging the battery by coasting or engine power, using just the engine, or using both jointly. It’s actually really cool.

So I guess that’s it right? Nope! The car even has a backup camera! ON A TEN YEAR OLD TOYOTA! It also has steering wheel controls just like newer cars. I can adjust the radio volume, and even weirder, I can control the temp of the heat or air from the steering wheel! I have climate control buttons on the steering wheel. If that isn’t both cool and crazy at the same time, I don’t know what is. And when it comes to space, I am not cramped if I sit in the back seat. There is more room than I ever imagined back there. And the car is perfect for transporting stuff. Fold the back seats down, open the rear hatch, and you can get all kinds of stuff in what looks like a tiny little clown car. It’s quite impressive.

So if you are looking for an affordable, reliable, and practical car in the future, I really would recommend the Prius. If you can just get past the cosmetics, I really think that anyone can enjoy and appreciate the car.