It’s New Years Eve again already…I remember spending all of December last year trying to find the perfect ring. I had originally ordered one from Kay Jewelers and custom built it online for a grand total of $3,700. When it arrived a couple of days before Christmas I was far from impressed with it. Not only was it small and unimpressive, but the center piece that held the main diamond wasn’t even straight! I returned it almost immediately after confusing both the in-store and customer service staff on their return policies. No one seemed to really know if I could even return it or not since it was custom designed. But finally they accepted the return and I was scrambling to find a new ring before New Years Eve.

After finding multiple rings I liked, and then changing my mind on them, I finally found the right one literally the day before New Years Eve. A trip to a local jewelry store and $5,500 later, I was all set to surprise the love of my life. My plan was simple…First thing I wanted to do in 2018 was kiss her, and the second was to ask her to marry me. Plans however went in a different direction…

Around 9 or 10PM on New Years Eve we were in our hotel room chilling before we went to the count down for the new year. We decided to take a shower together, which was something we loved doing and only got to do when we took little over night trips like this one. We were goofing off in the shower and she was making funny faces as we laughed and laughed. In that moment I just could not wait anymore. I looked at her and told her to hold on a minute. I got out naked and dripping wet and walked out into the bedroom and grabbed the ring from the inside pocket of my jacket. I went back into the bathroom, stepped back into the shower, got down on one knee and held up the ring. I asked her if she would marry me right then and there. She (for obvious reasons) was very shocked but still said yes with so much excitement!

My fiancee wearing her ring for the first time

It was such a happy night. Our plans have been to get married in 2019, though that may get pushed back some. About a week and a half ago, she and her son officially moved in with me…but today they moved back out. Our recent struggles have led to a downward trend for us. And today we decided we needed a break to work on a few things. We are very much in love, and we both cried our eyes out today. The truth though, is that if she hadn’t moved out we probably wouldn’t have made it much longer. Our problems can be fixed and this was the smartest move for right now. We are still communicating but we are allowing some space while we work on some individual problems that have little to do with our relationship, but have been putting a strain on us.

Very ironically and painfully I took the ring back today and told her that I would hold on to it until she returned to me. I didn’t take it back to imply that we are no longer engaged, but to create a motivation for getting ourselves back on the right track so that our relationship can do the same. In the past few days we have not argued once, and our decisions have been made mutually. I firmly believe in our love and in our relationship. Sometimes it takes very difficult choices and temporary sacrifices to make something work. And I’ll do anything it takes to ensure I keep this girl. She truly is my one in a million.